About Tom Colton

There was a time, not long ago, when Tom Colton dreamed of playing college football. But when the time came for tryouts (for his high school team), the coaches thought he was “not big enough to play football.” No matter how much he worked out and watched his diet, he couldn’t get the burly physique that most football players have. His frame was just too small for football. He hopes to become a student assistant for the team this year though; something that is close enough to the fulfillment of his dreams.

But this didn’t diminish his love for football in the least bit. In fact, Tom Colton loved football so much that he decided the next best option is to go to a university that boasts of an excellent football program. So, when the time came to apply for college admission, Tom Colton didn’t think twice about applying for admission at the University of Notre Dame, which was his only school of choice. He admits that if he didn’t get in, he would have gone to a community college. Luckily though, he got in.

Currently, Tom Colton is completing his undergraduate degree in Psychology at the University’s College of Arts and Letters. He feels that it is the perfect choice for someone who aspires to be a professional sports reporter. His courses in communication will help him with the writing and reporting side of the profession while his studies in Psychology will help him better understand how the players and coaches work behind the scenes and understand their thoughts, behavior, and actions.

It’s an exciting combination, says Tom Colton. “I couldn’t have picked a better field to study!” he further adds.

Apart from the Fighting Irish football team and the University’s sports programs, what made Tom decide to go to the University is their strong Catholic faith. Tom was brought up in a strictly Catholic household, with both parents coming from Irish-Catholic backgrounds. You could say that Irish faith, values, and traditions run thick in his veins.

It’s University’s initiatives, too, to raise students as a loving, compassionate, and generous member of society that Tom Colton appreciates as well. If you visit the University’s official website, you will see in bold letters the words: “Domers are Doers.” And this has never resonated so strongly in Tom as in the way the school teaches them about a positive influence in society; helping others in need, caring for the environment, advocating for various causes, and such.

He believes that an education at the University of Notre Dame creates well-rounded adults who have been equipped with the skills, faith, and values needed to create change and a positive impact in society, wherever they may find themselves when they become professionals.

So yes; Tom Colton may not have had what it takes to become a college football player, but he feels a sense of pride knowing that he has what it takes to be a Domer.

For more on the Fighting Irish football team, coaches, players, and games, kindly visit the blog page. Stay tuned for more posts from Tom! He looks forward to seeing you all again here soon!